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My Other Hats

Thank you for check out this page! I also have other hats I wear on top of being a YA/SFF/LGBTQ author! My partner says I have a wardrobe of hats… Check them out below!

Co-authoring adventure with R. Mordant Mahon

Writing a fantasy spy thriller with R. Mordant Mohan. More info coming in the future. Click here to follow us on Instagram.

Antik Comics

We are two crazy minds who have come together to make a comic! Ari (Ant) is the artist and Dani (Tick) is the writer! Click here to check out our website.


I love to draw anime-style. If you also love anime, check out my instagram by clicking here.

Fox Craft Apothecary

I am also the owner of Fox Craft Apothecary and have a degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University. Check out my tea shop by clicking here.

Wandering Willow Academy

Podcast coming soon!

I think that is it!