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My Other Hats

Thank you for check out this page! I also have other hats I wear on top of being a YA/SFF/LGBTQ author! My partner says I have a wardrobe of hats… Check them out below!

Fox Craft Apothecary

I am also the owner of Fox Craft Apothecary and have a degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University. Check out my tea shop by clicking here.


I love to draw anime-style. If you also love anime, check out my instagram by clicking here.

The Pirate Piper

Follow my journey as I learn the bagpipes by clicking here.

Antik Comics

We are two crazy minds who have come together to make a comic! Ari (Ant) is the artist and Dani (Tick) is the writer! Click here to check out our website.

Co-authoring adventure with R. Mordant Mahon

Writing a fantasy spy thriller with R. Mordant Mohan. More info coming in the future. Click here to follow us on Instagram.

I think that is it!