41woi5vzkel-_sx312_bo1204203200_BURIED HEART

Twenty-four years after turning into a vampire, Damon Salvatore finds himself strolling carelessly through the streets of London. Here, he can let go and try to forget all about Stefan and, more specifically, Katherine, until while feeding he meets a young woman by the same name. She is nothing like her yet Damon can’t bring himself to kill this new Katherine. Is it just the name? Or is it that, for the first time since he turned his humanity off, he has actually felt compassion for a human being? Available on Amazon.




513h42var2l-_sx312_bo1204203200_FALLEN BACK

Months after saving Katherine’s life, Damon is still prowling the streets of London, keeping an eye on his new friend. Things are going fine until Damon senses a new creature in the city. Will he address this menace? Or will it be too late? Available on Amazon.







41v2jxwxqll-_sx312_bo1204203200_UNITL DEATH

Now with the one person keeping his morality in check murdered, Damon Salvatore is seeking revenge. But Kol is smarter than he had thought. Always on step ahead of him, Kol makes Damon feel like a fool. But the end of this game is drawing near. Can Damon defeat him? Or will Kol always be one step ahead of him until the very end? Available on Amazon.






51rdjz46arl-_sy445_ql70_ONCE AGAIN

After being driven out of London by Kol, Damon Salvatore is trying to set up a new life in Paris. Although he doesn’t want to get too comfortable in fear that Kol will find him once again, a young man makes him rethink his solitary life along with a beautiful performer at the new Moulin Rouge who might be more than she seems. Available on Amazon.





51aagktzwzl-_sy445_ql70_FOREVER ALONE

This is the fifth and last installment of Damon Salvatore: Life After Lost Series.
With Clara and Percy, Damon feels that his life is finally where he wants it. He has the girl, he has a best friend, what more does he need? This is, until Kol comes to try and take it all away from him once more. But what Damon doesn’t know is that Kol had been watching him for a while and life wasn’t as perfect as it had seemed. Available on Amazon.