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Merry Christmas! Here is my new free short story download called “Klopf” (pdf at the bottom of the post).  Feel free to share this story with friends and family and review it on Goodreads!

Back cover:

Hans Ritter is the last man alive, at least that is what he believes. Something had come out of the sky and destroyed everything he once loved and cherish. So far he hasn’t found anyone or anything that can help him, that is until he starts to hear knocking in the dead of night.

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Klopf by Dani Hoots


Dust. And buildings. That’s all that was left of this place. That was all that could be left after what had happened. No life, no happiness, just death and destruction.

Except for one man, one lucky soul in all the land, at least he figured he was the last one alive. He still wasn’t sure and didn’t know how much was destroyed. For all he knew, it could only have been this place that was attacked. He had searched throughout the entire neighborhood and thus far had found nothing but rubble and rotten flesh. All his friends and family were gone, his neighbors and those he never got the pleasure of meeting. They were all gone in a blink of an eye. He didn’t know why or how he survived, but figured it had to do with him being a coward. Or a survivor, though sometimes there wasn’t much of a difference.

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Hi all! Here is a free download for a horror novella called “Gretyl” (at bottom of post). Also, if you keep scrolling, you can read it on the blog post as well. I hope you all enjoy and if you want more stories, check out my “Works” page. Feel free to share this story with friends and family and review it on Goodreads!


Germany, 1942. Five kids find themselves lost in the forest as a storm traps them in an abandoned cottage, or at least they thought it was abandoned. They hear footsteps coming from the attic and afraid that it is someone in need, they decide to check it out only to find that who they should fear for is themselves.

Here is the PDF, click the link for the download:

Gretyl – Hoots,Dani


Gretyl by Dani Hoots


Middle of the forest, Germany, 1942

“You can’t be serious; we’re lost again, Christoph?” I exclaimed as the sun began to lower itself below the tree line. It was going to get dark soon and if we didn’t hurry, we would be stuck in the middle of nowhere without any light, supplies, or food for that matter.

“Stop worrying about it, Ren, we will make it out of here by the time the sun sets,” Christoph answered, a little irritated that I had asked again. He jammed his fists into the pockets of his beige pants. He blew a piece of his dark brown hair out of his face, angry at the world. It wasn’t my fault he had gotten us lost. I told him not to listen to the jerk that was Thomas but, nein, he had to take on the dare to go to the top of the hill in the forest and check out the plane that crashed a few weeks back during the last bombing mission by the Allies. We were told not to go out there by the military officials, who were trying to keep people away from the area. We never heard if anyone survived the crash and Thomas dared my brother to go find out. Boys were stupid, daring each other to do things like this, right in the middle of a war. Our parents would be worried if we didn’t get back before nighttime, not to mention we would be in deep trouble for going into the forest. And it was all thanks to my brother Christoph.

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