The end is coming.


The_Chained_Dani_Hoots_99d_preview _designer_portfolioThe Chained

Gwen used to be the most feared of the Twelve Generals of Lucifer—demons who have roamed the Earth since being sent down from heaven at the dawn of time, bringing chaos and destruction to everything around them. Their goal: open the gates of hell and destroy Earth once and for all.

However, Gwen is starting to have a conscience.Unlike the other demons, she’s begun to feel compassion for humans and disdain for the slaughter her kind has brought to the world. She runs off in search for the Gargoyles, beings that were sent down from Heaven to stop the Twelve. Now she has to face the fact she has done things that she can never repent for, and stay one step ahead of a very angry ex who will stop at nothing to hunt her down.


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The Turned – Coming April 2021


The Redeemed – Coming May 2021