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April 2020 Update

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing well during this crazy time!

If you are a blogger, please email me at danihootsauthor (at) gmail (dot) com for review copies of books. I am always look for reviewer so don’t hesitate to ask!

Currently I am in the middle of writing ENCHANTED, the final book of the Daughter of Hades, and also doing the finishing touches on ENTANGLED, the third book of the Daughter of Hades. Below are the beautiful covers for the two!

If you are interested in preorder, ENCHANTED is available for preorder HERE. 

I am also doing the finishing line edits of THE RETURN, the final book of Sanshlian Series! If you preorder this book, you will get some digital goodies! It will contain a few custom commissions and a never before seen short story featuring a couple of the main characters! So please preorder and email me a copy of the receipt!


Preorder here!

I am also working on a free novel through Wattpad and Tapas where you can read a new chapter each week! It is a sci-fi western and is dear to my heart <3! Be sure to follow and like!

Blindfolded Thriller Kindle Cover-2

Check out on Wattpad!

Check out on Tapas!

Here is a timeline of the next year for novels:

Writing Timeline

Sanshlian Series
The Return (Series Finale!) ~ June 2020

Daughter of Hades
Entangled (Book 3) ~ July 2020
Enchanted (Series Finale!) ~ October 2020

A World of Vampires
Book 3 ~ October 2020

Wonderland Chronicles 
Book 2 ~ December 2020
Book 3 ~ March 2021

Last of the Gargoyles
Book 2 ~ May 2021
Book 3 ~ August 2021


I have a bunch more goodies I am working on (yeah… I have a lot going on…) but I am not quite ready to share so tune in next month to see what’s going on!


Free Stories on Wattpad and Tapas

Hi everyone!

I decided to write a story for Wattpad and Tapas. Please check it out and follow it! I will also be posting another book I am working on next month on Wattpad and Tapas so be sure to follow me to get updated!

Blindfolded Thriller Kindle Cover-2

Book Blurb:
It has been five years since Elvira “Ellie” Ryder was betrayed by her best friend, and watched as her home was leveled by invaders from a different Zone. Now sworn to seek revenge on him, Ellie has teamed up with her old friend Zach to find their long lost friend. As they search for him, the are up against the hatred of their kind, secrets that they never knew about their people, and what really happened the day of the attack.


2018: Daughter of Hades Book 2 now available!

Book 2 of the Daughter of Hades Series is now available! See links and info below! Don’t forget, if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited, all my stories are free!




It’s been three months since Chrys agreed to marry Zeus, and so far she hasn’t figured out how to get out of this engagement. Not to mention she’s fighting with her father, Hades, constantly and doesn’t know if anything will be able to go back to normal.
Meanwhile, Huntley is still in London and is trying his best to help Chrys. He will stop at nothing to get her back, and to finally tell her how he truly feels.
The clock is ticking until the Summer Solstice. Will either of them be able to free Chrys from her marriage with Zeus?


Order from your favorite bookstore!

Want a signed copy? Order on my Etsy Shop.

Available as a kindle download on Amazon

Jan 2018 Update

Hello everyone!

Time flies when you are in school, yet at the same time it moves very, very slow. If you didn’t know, I have gone back to school to study Herbal Science. This pushed back a lot of my writing time but I have finally figured out my schedule and have a new, updated list of when things will be coming out 🙂

On top of this list, this year I will be creating audiobooks for some of my titles, so stay tuned for that fun adventure. I will also be posting more, probably weekly to bi-weekly, and it will include a monthly summary of books I’ve reviewed, some mythology research, history research, and probably random things that tie into books somehow.

Thanks for reading,



Daughter of Hades

Engaged ~ March 2018

Entangled ~ Summer 2018

Enchanted ~ Fall 2018

Sanshlian Series

The Return ~ May 2018

A World of Vampires

Draugr ~ February 2018

Yara-Ma-Yha-Who ~ April 2018

A World of Vampies: Volume 3 ~ May 2018

Resurrected ~ Winter 2018

Wonderland Chronicles

Stranded in Wonderland ~ Late Winter 2018

TITLE TBD (3) ~ Spring 2019

TITLE TBD (3) ~ Summer/Fall 2019

Hel’s Labyrinth

Volume 2 ~ Fall 2018


2017(and 2018) Update on Everything

Hi everyone!

Sorry that I haven’t posted in quite a long time. I have been going through a lot in the past two years but am finally pushing through it all and getting back into the writing chair. Sorry to keep you waiting (especially for Sanshlian Series heh…) but don’t worry because I am back!

Here are some tentative dates for when books will be out:

Daughter of Hades

Engaged ~ December 2017

Entangled ~ Spring 2018

Enchanted ~ Summer 2018

Sanshlian Series

The Journey ~ September 2017

The Return ~ Late Winter 2017/2018

A World of Vampires

Empusa ~ September 2017

Draugr ~ Fall 2017

Yara-Ma-Yha-Who ~ Early Winter 2017

A World of Vampies: Volume 3 ~ Winter 2017/2018

Resurrected ~ Late Winter 2018

Wonderland Chronicles

Stranded in Wonderland ~ Late Winter 2018

TITLE TBD (3) ~ Spring 2018

TITLE TBD (3) ~ Summer 2018

Hel’s Labyrinth

Volume 1 ~ September 2017

Volume 2 ~ Fall 2018

And Then New Series!!!

Summer/Fall 2018


2017 Sanshlian Series update

Hello all!

Sorry to keep you waiting. I have been going through a lot in the last year, but now am ready to get back to my writing chair!


The Journey (Sanshlian Series Book 2) is now available for preorder! It is available Sept 1st and in celebration of it finally being released, The Quest is now only $0.99 until Sept 1st! Get this deal by clicking HERE.

Now, more about the Journey…


HootsJourneyCover.compressed copy

Now it is time to figure out who I really am.

A year has passed since we were all on Sanshli. My idiot brother decided to pull out the sword and now we were stuck in the past, all in new bodies. Like my life wasn’t complicated enough.

But now it was going to get even more complicated.

Time was running out and I had to finish my mission: destroy Nygard once and for all. I knew I would be on my own for this one, as I was the only one who I could trust. And there was always Jack, but I still didn’t know where he was. Hopefully it would all make sense soon.

But what were the odds of that?

Available on Amazon.


2016 Sanshlian Series Update #2


The Quest is now available for preorder on Kindle! Click here to be taken to Amazon. Thank you all for your patience as I rerelease this series. My goal is to have the second book in the series out in early December.

Also, I’ve been working on making covers, as the lovely Desiree DeOrto has been teaching me. This is my first cover project and I hope you all enjoy it!

2016 Sanshlian Series Update

Hi everyone!

I have officially taken back the rights to my book The Quest (Sanshlian Series book 1) and am working on getting that edited, along with the second book in the series The Journey. I have sent both to my editor and am waiting to hear back. Meanwhile, I will be working on a new cover and hope you all will stay with me while this series keeps going. I’m sorry about the wait, I ran into some problems with the publisher.


2016 The Crimson Witch Update 1

I am excited to announce a new series I’m working on! There will be one book a year (or so) and each book will be independent. Each story will inspired by a fairytale from Grimm Fairytales or Hans Christian Andersen Fairytales. Each novel will range genres as well, from historic fantasy, sci-fi, horror, to urban fantasy. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

The first in this series will be a take on Red Riding Hood called The Crimson Witch. I’m excited for this novel and hope you will be too!


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