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Although I have enjoyed reading all three books in the Sanshlian Trilogy I would have to say that The Return is my favorite as I loved the races with so much detail in the writing. With saying this I would like to give book one The Quest and book two, The Journey another shout out as both books are must reads.

I highly recommend The Return to all Sci-fi fans but I do suggest that you read The Quest and The Journey before The Return as I’m sure you want to get every last morsel of the story. One click yourself a copy of this fantastic trilogy today to begin a great adventure.

Nancy Allen - The Avid Reviewer

This is the conclusion of the Sanshlian Series

Everything is riding on the races.

As planned, I have entered the races to get back the map to Sanshli. Everything is riding on this and I cannot lose. Torn between my brother, Nygard, and Jack, I didn’t know who to trust. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered if Nygard had it right—maybe we were more powerful and deserved to rule. Only time would tell, and the winner of the races would be able to find Sanshli and end this once and for all.

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