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This book is a very smooth read, in the way that you can pick it up and get into the "immersed mode" that can take a a while in other cases. I definitely recommend picking this book up!

Ruben, Amazon Reviewer

What if a demon started to have a conscience?

It has been over seventy years since Gwen deserted the Twelve Generals of Lucifer. She knows if any of them find her, she is going to have hell to pay—literally. However, she can’t go on causing havoc and trying to open the gates of hell. The only way she can find redemption is by finding one of the Gargoyles, angelic beings that serve Heaven, and help them destroy her comrades.

But she never could have imagined what they would want in return.

The Gargoyles want her to turn a human into a half-demon, half-human. And not just any human, but the human she saved, and fell in love with, years before. She doesn’t want to do it, in fear that he will lose his humanity, and because the Twelve promised never to turn a human ever again. Not after last time.

Will Gwen turn her ex-lover into a halfbreed? Or will her fear of the repercussions make her turn her back on the Gargoyles for once and for all?

Cover artist: Biserka Designs