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It is now time to one-click your copy of Tartarus for another great adventure into the life of Chrys, daughter of Hades from the Underworld. If you are into Greek mythology, the Underworld, Gods, and Goddess then Tartarus, Queen of the Underworld is the book for you. Don’t forget to check out the Daughter of Hades Collection as well. I would suggest reading Daughter of Hades before reading Tartarus.

The Avid Reader

She will stop at nothing to bring her father back.

Chrys has searched all of the Underworld to find a way to open Tartarus and bring her father, Hades, back to life. It was her fault he was sent there and she doesn’t care if she begins the end of the world to save him. Finally finding a clue on how to open the gates to hell itself, she leaves the Underworld and searches for the god Aether.

Will Chrys get the answers she is looking for? Or will she have to live with the guilt for the rest of her eternal life?

Cover artist: Biserka Designs