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Oh my goodness, I cannot explain the emotions that are going through me right now! SOO much happens in this third book and can I say I loved every moment of it.

In all honesty, I love books that make me feel such strong emotions within me. There was so much that was revealed to us, especially the last 75% of the book. It was go, go go! This book was definitely about betrayal and sadly this story was predictable as I knew fairly quickly who would be the betrayers in the book. But boy some of the things these characters did, it really surprised me!

Karen, Amazon Reviewer

A modern YA fantasy retelling of the classing “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”

Fall down the rabbit hole and into a fun adventure with Alice as she teams up with characters from the original story!

Wonderland Chronicles Book 3

Morpheus is dead, but that doesn’t mean the journey is over. Alice and the gang are searching for any information on who created Morpheus, and what they are planning to do next to Wonderland. And if that isn’t hard enough, Malcolm and her are still not speaking to each other, and everyone’s attitude toward Chase is starting to change. Everything is starting to fall apart, but Alice knows she needs to focus to save Wonderland.

Will Alice be able to catch the villain before they move on to their next plan, or is Wonderland already in their grasp?

Cover artist: Biserka Designs