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Becoming Beautiful

Sold to become a servant to a courtesan, Masami left her home at the young age of ten years old and was taken to the island of the gods. There, she went through the gruesome training to one day become a courtesan herself. After years of training, her debut is finally coming up and she hopes more than anything that the gruesome god Fujin wouldn’t be the one to buy her.

Finding out his parents sold his sister, Daichi ran away from home and stumbled upon the tengu fortress in the mountains. Taken in to become a warrior, Daichi has trained every day so that he may one day save his sister. With her sixteenth birthday coming up, Daichi knows that time is running out.

Sora is a god—or at least he used to be. Trapped behind a servant mask, he can neither speak nor use his powers. After centuries of not being able to break free, he knows that Masami may be the one who can break the spell.

With the red string of fate intertwining their destinies, these three have to find each other before it is too late.

Rep: M/M

Trigger warnings: violence, attempted assault, sex trafficing, prostiution, death, cursing, war, suicide

Cover artist: Biserka Designs

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